Make your mark

How often have you heard people say “I’m not good with names"? Visitors to your Author Site are no different. They will read your name a dozen times and still not remember it. What’s more, your name alone can not convey your brand. It carries no information about your genre or your voice. Your logo, on the other hand, does. Your logo is both memorable and communicates in an instant what you are all about — your name, your genre, and your voice. Your logo gets you noticed; gets you understood; gets you remembered.



Author LOGo

For our most discerning customers. 

We Build It*

We'll meet with you for one hour to mark your course. 

During the flight, you'll have the opportunity for two course corrections. 

We'll create a professional logotype of your name and your tagline.

Using your Author Logo as a guide, we'll create your Favicon. That's the tiny, square image next to your Author Site's URL at the top of your browser window.

 Using your Favicon as a guide, we'll create your Apple Touch Icon. When your Author Site is added to someone's iPhone or iPad home screen, they'll see your Apple Touch Icon floating there, looking good and on brand.



* Your input is key. We'll ask you a great many questions as we navigate our way to your optimum Author Logo.

You Fly it

There's nothing else you need to do ... except ... perhaps ... create a stack of business cards with your new logo on 'em, or get yourself, your family and your friends, everyone, t-shirts with your new logo on 'em, or logo-fy some stationary, coffee mugs, or a mouse pad. You can even include your new logo with every author email you send. Wow!