general FAQs

How long will it take to build my Author Site?

Your Website Setup on the Squarespace Platform will happen pretty fast. Here's the typical breakdown for each of our Author Site Packages:

  • Presence — 1 week
  • Portrait — 2 weeks
  • Podium — 4 weeks

What email address should I use for my author site?

We highly recommend that you have a unique email address just for your writing business: e.g.

  • If you already have one; then great! You're golden.
  • If you need one; then we can set one up for you. Squarespace is heavily integrated with Google Apps; so, the best way to get your Author Site email address is via Google Apps.

Does Wingman provide the content for my author site?

Content consists of Copy (Words) and Graphics (Images).

  • You provide the Words — site tagline, author bio, author quotes, book synopses, book excerpt, book quotes, blog text, testimonials ... the exact words you will need depend on the Author Site Package and Author Site Template you choose.
  • You provide the Images — images for the top of each page of your Author Site (called headers), your author photo, book cover photos, blog photos ...  the exact images you will need depend on the Author Site Package and Author Site Template you choose. 
    Note: We will guide you through the process of gathering these images. Take heart. Be strong.

Can I transfer ownership of my author site?

Yes, you can! Squarespace makes that super easy. The only prerequisite is that the person you are transferring your Author Site to has to have a Squarespace account, as well. Here are the steps:

  • In the Squarespace admin panel (on the left when you are logged into your Author Site), click Settings.
  • Then, click Permissions.
  • Under Invite Contributor, add the person you would like to transfer the site to.
  • Assign that person as an Administrator and click Save.
  • Then, click Transfer Ownership and select that person from the dropdown. Done.

What's so great about squarespace?

What's NOT great about Squarespace? We're huge fans. With Squarespace you can create a responsive, professional site quickly and easily.

They take care of the hosting, updates, maintenance, security, CDN, SSL, SEO, analytics ... all those things that you don't know about (and don't care to know about). This means that your Author Site can be up & running fast. All you need is to add the content.

The Squarespace interface is simple and intuitive, leaving you to concentrate your creativity on just the content. Sweet! 

Squarespace's official site can give you all the deets!


Sure! You have two options: 

  1. You can temporarily put your Author Site behind a password via the Squarespace settings panel (left screen when you are logged into your Author Site). Just go to Settings: Security: Site-wide Password and type in a password. Visitors will then see a black screen with a password field.
  2. You can delete your Author Site entirely via the Squarespace settings panel (left screen when you are logged into your Author Site). Just remember, though, deletion is forever.

Can't I do all this myself?

Yes, indeed! It's easy to create a website in Squarespace with a little guidance. Squarespace has a 24/7 customer care team, an extensive knowledge base, and basic tutorials to help get you started. Anyone with a curiosity for technology and the time to learn can build a website in Squarespace.

We can save you tons of time, though. Sign on with Wingman and we'll have you sailing through blue skies!

What's the catch?

Wingman does not do any custom coding. We stay within the Squarespace Template System. This keeps the cost down — way down — but it means that you, too, will have to stay within the Squarespace Template System, and this is a good thing. It means your finished site will be modern, responsive, lean and fast. It means that you will be able to manage your own site — create and publish blog posts, events posts, etc. — without having to jump through hoops of custom code or re-hire a developer to do it for you. 

Why do I need a P.O. Box to send out newsletters?

To be compliant with the FTC's CAN-SPAM Act, you must include a physical address in each and every Author Newsletter you send. This can be difficult for most Authors, who typically work from home. You definitely do NOT want your personal address going out to all your fans.

You will need to obtain a separate physical address just for your Author business before we set you up on MailChimp.

MailChimp has a great article on Alternative Physical Address Ideas, but more than likely, your Author Address will be a P.O. Box.

Check out USPS for some great prices.


Billing FAQs

How will I be billed?

Once you've decided which services you would like, we will invoice you for 50% of the total bill. When we receive payment, we'll start the work. The other 50% is due upon delivery. 

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and the following major credit cards— Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

Are there any monthly fees?

Wingman does not bill any monthly fees. You only pay Wingman for the services you order. Our motto is "We build it. You Fly it."

Your Author Site, however, does have additional fees, which vary depending upon the level of your site:

  • Web Hosting via Squarespace for the Business Website ($216/year)
  • Email via Google Apps ($50/year)
  • Domain Name Hosting (~$20/domain/year)
  • Graphics acquired from stock houses (~$10 each)
  • Mailing Lists via Mailchimp (free until you get famous)
  • P.O. Box to connect to your MailChimp (~$6/month) — highly recommended
  • Video Hosting via Wistia (free for the first 25 videos)

In all cases, these additional fees are paid directly to the 3rd party providers you've selected.


Process FAQs

What's the first step?

Read through this site. Check out the specifics of each Author Site Package — Presence, Portrait, Podium. Read up on the First Class Upgrades — Author Logo, Business Card, Book Cover, Graphics Makeover. Peruse our Demo Author Sites. They're awesome! 

Then, contact us. We'd love to hear about your projects and answer any questions you have about our services.


What's the next step?

If you feel we are a good match, choose an Author Site Package and an Author Site Template. If you need some guidance, just ask. 

Then, we'll send you a proposal, contract and invoice.

After we've received your signed contract, initial payment (50% down), and your content, we'll build your Author Site, implement any course corrections along the way, and give you some quality Flight Training.

When you're 100% satisfied with your Author Site, make your final payment, and we'll turn the controls over to you. You'll be flying your own Author Site. Wow!

How many strategy meetings do I get?

We call our strategy meetings Flight Plans. Here's the breakdown for each type of Author Site: 

  • Presence — 1 hr
  • Portrait — 2 hrs
  • Podium — 3 hrs

Can I look at my author site as it's being built?

Sure! We'll give you a URL and a password and you can check up on it anytime! 

What exactly is a Course Correction?

While we are building your Author Site, we will periodically check back with you to make sure that we are still on course. You may want to switch out some images, alter certain design choices, make some text edits, redo your blog categories and tags, or even hide some pages that you are not quite ready to share. A Course Correction is where those changes are communicated. Here's the breakdown for each type of Author Site:

  • Presence — 1
  • Portrait — 2
  • Podium — 3

What exactly is a Graphics Boost?

The construction of your Author Site begins with your selection of an Author Site Template, which comes preconfigured with a tight, professional set of fonts and colors. (You supply the images that appear at the top of each page, as well as any images that appear in the body of each page.) During a Graphics Boost, we will tailor these three items — fonts, colors and your images — to reflect who you are as an author. You tell us what you want; we will implement your choices. For example, your chosen template may use the font Proxima Nova for headers (the big images across the top of each page of your Author Site) and body text, a color scheme of blacks, grays & whites, and graphics that you have collected from various photos throughout your life ... but you're an historical fiction writer. You'd much rather use the fonts Aktiv Grotesk for headers and Minion Pro for body text (to invoke that old world feel), a color scheme composed of variations in blue, and all of your images converted into matching blue duotones. The Graphics Boost makes this happen.